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Once one of our contractors come out and submit the information to our office estimates are created within 24 to 72 hours and sent by via email.

Please access our rental listing here to se what’s available and to apply: https://gemcitycontracting.tenantcloud.com/find

(Section 42 housing uses different qualifying criteria. For that information see FAQ: What is Section 42 Housing)

Provide accurate and complete applicant information

Housing reference– we contact current & previous housing providers to confirm that each applicant is in good standing. A history of timely rental payments, abiding by lease policies/rules/regulations, respecting neighbors & the property, and landlords willing to re-rent or renew leases is considered good standing.

Credit Report– each applicant should have no:
Delinquent housing accounts
Rental judgements
Outstanding utility bills
Bankruptcy filings over the past 2 years
Less than $3,000 past due/ in collections for entire household
Medical bills and student loans are not considered

Income verification– This is required for all adult members residing in the unit. It may include but is not limited to: paychecks, child support, SSI, proof of recent similar rental payments. To determine if you possibly qualify the typical formula is: (gross income of all adult applicants) X 35% > Established Rent Amount.
NOTE: 35% used can actually range from 30-50% depending on the property.

Conviction Records Check– Criminal convictions and the National Sex Offender Registry are checked. To qualify each applicant should have:
No eviction in the last 5 years
No back rent owed to prior housing providers
No outstanding balances with prior housing providers related to damage to the property
No convictions that would be considered a danger to the property or neighbors
An eviction in process: the application will be held in abeyance until final court disposition

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